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In 1967, right after successfully passing his exams for the master diploma, Winfried Sibbus started producing vines on his parent’s farm. After years of piece-working in various vine producing companies in the area, he felt experienced enough to start on his own.

In the first year of vine producing, the kitchen of his parent’s house was used as working area. With the years production increased and vine grafting became the most important branch of the farm.

In 1980, a company in southern France, close to Carcassone, was founded together with Reinhard Frank. Since that time the for vine-grafting necessary rootstock has been planted in southern France. For that reason, dependency on other rootstock companies was no longer necessary. And increasing production was possible.

In the mid 1980s, we started building our own machine service company to provide a large number of various machine services to our vine customers.

In 1990, Andreas Sibbus took over Reinhard Frank’s part of the French company. In the following years many fields that had not yet been tested on viruses were uprooted and planted with rootstocks that had been tested on new viruses as well as on Grape Crown Gall (Agrobacterium tumefaciens / Agrobacterium vitis).

In 1996, after successfully graduating from University, Andreas Sibbus fully joined his parent’s company.